Year 2/Day 199

Year 2 - Day 199

Mmm…another yummy dinner without a recipe.  I love that I can just throw things together now.  It really makes me very happy.  Nights like tonight showcase how much I love to cook.

It’s easy and carefree.  And delicious!

Year 2/Day 195

Year 2 - Day 195

One thing I love about cooking with fresh fruits and veggies is how colorful everything is.  It’s hard to stop taking pictures so I can actually cook the stuff.

Year 2/Day 139

Year 2 - Day 139


Year 2/Day 136

Year 2 - Day 136


Year 2/Day 134

Year 2 - Day 134

Headed back home today.  Well, for a couple days at least.  Then we’re back to South Carolina again.

Year 2/Day 131

Year 2 - Day 131

The hotel life is a real struggle sometimes.

Struggle to get out of bed!

Year 2/Day 120




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