Day 203


Happy New Year!!

Will bought us tickets to see Kishi  Bashi.  It. Was. Awesome.

What a great way to bring in the new year.  Good music, wonderful boyfriend. 
Here’s to a fantastic 2015!

Day 202


Not much going on today.  Lots of errands and cleaning.

Day 201



We had a wonderful holiday vacation, filled with lots of family, presents, and driving.

I am very thankful to have such a wonderful family, and an amazing boyfriend that puts up with me. 

Day 200


Day 200…wow.

I’m glad that I’ve had the persistance to continue this project.  It makes me so happy to look back and remember each day.

Today we had a lovely “family” day, a belated Christmas dinner if you will.  It was wonderful. 

Tomorrow afternoon we head back to Georgia.  I’ve had a great time with both families, but it will be nice to be home.  Although, I’m not looking forward to the drive.  Hopefully it will be better than the drive down.

Day 199


What a long, fun-filled day.

We started the day by going to a cute little restaurant on Anna Maria Island.  After that, we poked around a few shops, and walked down the pier.

Then, we decided to check out the Red Barn flea market…where we spent too much money, but got some fun stuff. :)

I got to see a Florida sunset, which is one of the things I miss most, and took lots of pictures.  Then, we met the family at Selby Gardens for their annual christmas lights show.  It was pretty neat.

We closed the night by eating at Da Ru Ma, a Japanese steak house (that was amazing), and topped it off with some TCBY ice cream. 

Great day.  Great company. 

Day 198


This was the only picture I took today.  Yet, it captures the day perfectly.

We started out the day bright and early,   drove home from Chattanooga, and dropped off/picked up some stuff.  Then, we headed down to Florida to spend the weekend with my family. 

What. A. Long. Day.

We ended up spending 14 hours traveling today.  Yuck!  But, we made it safe and we’re here now.

Once we got into town, we meet my folks for dinner, and then headed back to their place to open presents.  :)

Now…time for bed.  Night.

Day 197


Merry christmas!

This is my first shot posted that I’ve taken with my new camera.  I gotta say, I really like it!

Today, the clouds finally parted and we had a nice, beautiful day.  Thankfully.

We were able to install the stereo without too many hiccups.  Now I have a pretty, color changing stereo that can play music off my phone. 

I was also able to get in a mini photo session before we had dinner, and afterwards we went to the movies (Night at the Museum 3).

All in all, we had a great visit here in Chattanooga.  Tomorrow we head down to Florida to see my folks.  Yay!

Day 196


Christmas eve was wonderful.  My fantastic, wonderful boyfriend got me a new camera!!  Its a Nikon D3200.  I’m super excited to learn all this thing has to offer.

Dinner was very nice, and overall I think the night was a success.

Tomorrow we try and install the new stereo in my car…wish us luck!  :)

Day 195


Tennessee Aquarium was our destination today, and what a lot of fun we had!  I love aquariums, zoos, and anything with animals really. 

I especially loved the jellyfish exhibit, and the cuttlefish, and the seahorses…ok…all of it.  :)

I love days like today where I have a bunch of great pictures, and it’s hard to choose one for the pic of the day.  I chose this one because it looked so dramatic and interesting.  But, I’ll add some of the cute critters too.  :)







Day 194


It was great to see Kerri today, and I got my puppy fix too.  I love puppies! :)

We’re in Chattanooga now for a few days, and I’m hoping the weather improves tomorrow.  It was very gross and rainy all day today.

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