Year 2/Day 179

Year 2 - Day 179

I finally went grocery shopping today…it’s been a while.

Year 2/Day 178

Year 2 - Day 178

Not much to say.

Year 2/Day 177

Year 2 - Day 177

Love these colors.  Sometimes it’s just fun to play with a photo and see what I can create.

Year 2/Day 176

Year 2 - Day 176

Visited work today.  It’s odd not “having” to be there.  I miss everyone, but I’m also glad that I can take some time off and focus on school.

Year 2/Day 175

Year 2 - Day 175

Errand day.

On a fun note though, I’m excited to start making my own candles.  I’ve been researching it a bit and today I’m going to check out a few places and see what I can acquire locally.

Year 2/Day 174

Year 2 - Day 174

I had my first day of clinical today.  We are on the cardiac floor this semester.  They aren’t doing a true preceptorship this time.  Instead, it’s like all of our past semesters where we are in small groups and follow a different nurse each day.  My group seems pretty nice and the staff was very friendly.  Looking forward to seeing what I can learn on this floor.

Year 2/Day 173

Year 2 - Day 173

School…school…and more school.  When will I be done!?!

Does anyone want to go to school for me today?

Year 2/Day 172

Year 2 - Day 172

This awesome comic started doing medical related strips and I love them! :)

Year 2/Day 171

Year 2 - Day 171

Mmm…pasta.  How I love you so.  :)  Will and I went to Carrabba’s tonight for dinner and everything was delicious.  We don’t eat pasta very often, but I love it when we do!

Year 2/Day 170

Year 2 - Day 170

I’m a month behind again…but I wanted to go ahead and try to catch up.  I’ve been taking a picture almost every day…just not posting.

So here’s to updating.

This was taken at the hotel in South Carolina during breakfast one morning…can’t remember much else though.

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