Year 2/Day 174

Year 2 - Day 174

I had my first day of clinical today.  We are on the cardiac floor this semester.  They aren’t doing a true preceptorship this time.  Instead, it’s like all of our past semesters where we are in small groups and follow a different nurse each day.  My group seems pretty nice and the staff was very friendly.  Looking forward to seeing what I can learn on this floor.

Year 2/Day 152


More hospital days…

Still waiting for him to be transfered to a skilled nursing facility for rehab.

Year 2/Day 149


Today I headed up to the hospital to see Will’s dad.  After a little while we ended up talking to a social worker and an incompetent case manager.  We got another list of facilities to look at and decided to go to lunch before we went and looked at them.

Well…a “quick lunch” turned into hours.  Plus, shopping.  Needless to say, we didn’t have time to look at places today.

Year 2/Day 146


Visited Will’s dad today, and met with the doctors.  It’s all a little strange.

My goal is to just be supportive and encouraging.

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