Year 2/Day 57


Graduation picture!  Wait…what?!  Eeks!

Only 72 days left until graduation.  I don’t know if I’m ready…but I’m so ready!

Year 2/Day 56


Today we moved that last of our stuff out of the apartment and handed over the keys.  We no longer live there…which kinda feels nice.  :)  It wasn’t a bad place to live, but not the greatest either.  Hopefully our new place will be wonderful!

Year 2/Day 55

Day 55

OK.  Let me update.

In the “real” world, today is actually Day 66.  I have managed to let myself get 12 days behind.  Blah.  That being said life has been VERY busy and tiring and exhausting and overwhelming and busy (oh, I already said that…it’s been busy).

Alright, let the updating begin!

Year 2/Day 54


I met my preceptor today!  She seems very nice.  I start next Sunday working 7am to 7pm.  Then, I won’t have another free weekend until after I graduate…yay……

Have I mentioned that this semester is really rough?

Year 2/ Day 53


Since Wednesday my allergies have been horrible.  I feel gross and yucky.  It was so bad Thursday morning when I woke up that I went to the Dr and she confirmed it was allergies.  Yay…

So I’ve been taking all kinds of allergy meds and using up boxes of tissues.  How fun.  Just add that to my already complicated and busy life.  ;)

Year 2/Day 52


We got the keys to our new place today!! (Still renting, but an upgrade just the same)

Packing/moving/unpacking is on full force…although I probably should be studying…

Year 2/Day 51


A coworker at work saved a baby bird today!  It was so cute.

Apparently it ran into the glass window and gave itself a little birdie concussion.  She kept him in a box for a little while.  We tried to let it fly a few times, but it still wasn’t strong enough.

Her husband ended up coming by and picking him up to take him home until he was better.


Also, today is Will’s birthday!
Happy Birthday Knucklehead!! :)  Love ya!

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