Year 2/Day 184

Year 2 - Day 184

Wow.  After packing up both vehicles…this is all that’s left.  I can’t believe we are almost done.  Let’s take a look back and see some before/after pictures of this crazy ordeal that we’ve been through.  It’s pretty amazing that we’ve managed to get through all of this stuff.  SO much trash.  I can’t image ever living in a place that cluttered.

Before-After Bedroom

Before-After Closet

Before-After Kitchen

Before-After Living Room
Living room

Year 2/Day 182

Year 2 - Day 182

One of the strangest things we found at Benny’s apartment was his refrigerator.  There was no food…just lots, I mean lots, of film.

I headed up to South Carolina after school today.  Will’s still in California, but a friend of ours offered to help move the bulk of Benny’s stuff back to Atlanta.  So I decided to go up early and work on the apartment a little bit before he got here.

Year 2/Day 52


We got the keys to our new place today!! (Still renting, but an upgrade just the same)

Packing/moving/unpacking is on full force…although I probably should be studying…

Year 2/Day 47


I’ve noticed I haven’t been very talkative lately.  I guess things have just been rather busy, or else I’ve been behind on my days and “catching up”.

A lot is going on right now so I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m busy.  Let’s list everything for fun…

1) School.  Last semester of Nursing School!  That alone is enough to stress me out.  This one needs subcategories.
   a) Attending class two nights a week with occasional weekends
   b) Reading/studying material for class (which takes hours)
   c) NCLEX questions, questions, and more questions
   d) Preceptorship  (workload still to be determined)
   e) Graduation prep
2) Work.  Or should I say a delicate balancing act between working and taking time off to study while still making enough money to pay the bills.
3) Moving.  And all the stressors that come with moving (finding a place, packing, physical move, unpacking, money)
4) Health.  I’ve always struggled with my weight and now is no different.  I’ve joined a gym and I’m trying to add it to the schedule.
5) Relationships.  I’m also trying to be a good girlfriend as well as good friend during all this.  Now that Will’s schedule is different, it’s harder to spend time with him.  But it’s important, so I try to make as much time as I can.  Also, I’ve made some really good friends at work and I enjoy their company.

I’m sure I missing something, but that’s enough I think.  Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  That was not the point of this post.  I’m simply clearing my mind.  I love my life and those in it. 

But now…back to packing…

Year 2/Day 46


I had never had gelato until last night, and it was delicious!  :)

We’re starting to pack because we get the keys to the place on Friday.

Can you say…uh…packing…

Year 2/Day 34


Today was full of good news!

First we found out that we got approved for the house we applied to.  Yay!  No more worrying about finding a place…just moving… ;)

Then, I found out that my preceptorship will be in Labor & Delivery.  Not my first choice, but I’m actually really excited about it.  I’m looking forward to learning and experiencing new things.

Year 2/Day 29


We’ve been house hunting lately…and let me tell you…not always fun!

Today we looked at this house, and it was cute from the outside…but really small inside.  We both agree that we don’t need to find something “perfect” since we’re only renting, but I’d like to find something with enough space for all our stuff plus room to breathe.

Is that too much to ask?! 

We have another appointment tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it’s perfect!

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