Year 2/Day 176

Year 2 - Day 176

Visited work today.  It’s odd not “having” to be there.  I miss everyone, but I’m also glad that I can take some time off and focus on school.

Year 2/Day 169


Someone left me this note at work the other day.  ♡♡  It really makes my day when people do this.  I mean, good tips are appreciated as well ;) but notes are always unexpected and make me smile. 

Year 2/Day 157

Year 2 - Day 157

I took the red eye back home last night.

Unfortunately, I made plans with a friend to meet for lunch…but took a “nap” before I needed to leave.  Instead of sleeping for 1 hour…I slept for 4!  I felt so bad that I stood her up!  Luckily, I was able to see her later at her house.

I also made sure to stop by ‘Cue and see everyone.  I missed those guys!

Year 2/Day 133

Year 2 - Day 133

Hotels…home away from home

Year 2/Day 122


Worked the lunch shift…and then hung out at work for the rest of the night.  Haha.  Guess I love those guys! ;)

Year 2/Day 121


Those who know me, know I’ve been going to the gym (well, trying to…).  I understand this may not be a big deal to most…but I think it’s amazing that when I first started going back to the gym 3 months ago it took me eight minutes to complete the quarter mile.  Today I was able to do it in 2 minutes and 58 seconds!!  Yay!!

Year 2/Day 120




Year 2/Day 113


Finally worked again!  And a double at that!  Ha, it’s been awhile because of all the studying I’ve been doing.  It was nice to see everyone again.

Year 2/Day 89

Year 2 - Day 89

Another 12 hour day clinical day.  My preceptor wasn’t able to work today, so I followed another nurse.  She was very sweet and let me do a lot (which I appreciated).  Overall it was a pretty good day.

Year 2/Day 86

Year 2 - Day 86

This semester has been taking a ton of my time, and I haven’t been working as much…which sounds great…but adds a lot of extra stress when the bills come due.

It has also been really hard for me to keep up with my blog.  I’m taking pictures most days, but I get about 5 days behind before I upload and post them.  There has been so much on my mind, most days I just forget.  Then I get a couple days behind and I would post if I were caught up…but I don’t want to take the time to catch up first.  Blah…

December 12th…December 12th…

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