Year 2/Day 176

Year 2 - Day 176

Visited work today.  It’s odd not “having” to be there.  I miss everyone, but I’m also glad that I can take some time off and focus on school.

Year 2/Day 157

Year 2 - Day 157

I took the red eye back home last night.

Unfortunately, I made plans with a friend to meet for lunch…but took a “nap” before I needed to leave.  Instead of sleeping for 1 hour…I slept for 4!  I felt so bad that I stood her up!  Luckily, I was able to see her later at her house.

I also made sure to stop by ‘Cue and see everyone.  I missed those guys!

Year 2/Day 145


Yet another day of traveling.  This time it’s not for “fun”.  Will’s dad took a turn and has been in the hosital for a couple of days.  We’re headed to San Jose, CA to spend time with his parents and see if we can help at all.

Unfortunatley, we had some plane issues and after we had already boarded the plane and spent a good 45 minutes or so aboard, they told us that the maintenance crew had tried to replace a part.  Which didn’t work, and now we need to deplane and go to another aircraft.  Yay.

Eventually we got to where we needed to be, with a safe plane to fly.  Our flight was nonstop from Atlanta to San Jose…a 4 1/2 hour flight. Good news for us…we flew first class.

Let me start a new paragraph for this explanation.

First class is…worth the money.  Damn.

Free drinks, by that I mean…free alcoholic drinks.

And a hot towel!

Dinner was served, at no charge, with real dishes and silverware. No plastic stuff here! There was even a cloth placemat provided. And peppermint chip ice cream for dessert. Yum!

After everything was cleaned up, I watched Elf and dosed in and out of consciousness until we landed. Once landed, we headed to baggage claim and found out our rental car place had closed. So, we rented a cab to the hotel, checked in, and went to sleep. Night, night.

Year 2/Day 143


Christmas Merryness!!

The day started off right with a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, and monkey bread at the folk’s house.  Mmm…

Next, presents!!  How fun!  My folks gave me a wonderful assortment of goodies which I love and Will bought me an amazing set of Prismacolor colored pencils.  Wow, I’m in love…with those pencils! ;)

After all the gift giving/receiving/cleanup we hung around the house for a bit before heading over to grandma’s house for Christmas dinner.  Which was wonderful as always.

Year 2/Day 142


Oh my gosh, yum.

First, I had breakfast with the folks.  This was the best french toast I’ve ever had.  Well, the blueberries weren’t good…but everything else was delish!

Later, Christmas Eve at the Walton’s commenced.  What a nice evening.  Everyone behaved and we played our first year of “white elephant”.  I got a yummy smelling, wood wick candle and Will got…a can of Spam.  Haha…oh well.

Year 2/Day 125

Tonight took an unexpected turn down memory lane.  Wow…I’m only 32 but I’ve already had so many great memories and wonderful people in my life.  Looking through old pictures can be bitter sweet, but overall I love seeing those that I loved and those who loved me.  Even if some are no longer in my life.

Here is just a microscopic snapshot of those who have impacted my life and who I will always love and cherish.

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