Day 323



Day 322


Well, I’m not going to lie…

I’m a week behind with my blog.  Days 322 – 327 are photos from when my mum was in town.

Time to catch up…

Day 321


Kishi Bashi show!  With strings!!

His shows are always awesome, and tonight was special because he didn’t have his normal band, but instead had a string section.  Very cool!

Day 320


Sweetwater Creek Park is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have been to in a while.

Mum and I decided to check it out before her flight today…and I’m glad we did.  The weather was perfect, and the nature was stunning.  I only wish we had more time to explore.  Luckily I live here, so I can go back soon hopefully.

Mum arrived home safe, after another short delay, and it’s back to work tomorrow for me. :)

Day 319


Ah…the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

What a beautiful place, and today was no exception.  The weather was a little warm, but the 3 of us had fun. 

Afterwards, mum finally got to poke around the No Mas giftshop.  We got some refreshing drinks, Will bought me a few cute gifts, and headed back home. 

The night was finished with a delicious meal at my favorite Thai resturaunt, Kokai Thai Bistro.  They have amazing food!!  Yummmm…

Day 318


Another fun filled day.

Today we headed to Helen, GA and did the tourist thing.  Shopping, walking, picture taking.

We even found a neat gem mining shop just outside of Helen.  I caved in and bought a bucket of sand so we could “pan” for gems.  Silly, but fun.  And I managed to get 2 good sized pieces of labordorite, my favorite!! :)

Day 317


What an awesome day we had!!

We started by heading up to meet my friend at Apple Mountain Resort.  She was awesome enough to get us a good deal on a room for the night so we could stay up in North Georgia for a couple days.

Then we headed up to see Goats on the Roof.  Haha.  So funny!  And cute.

Our plan was to then go see Tallulah Gorge, but unfortunately my mum hurt her knee on the plane here.  So instead, we decided to go waterfall hunting.

After getting lost on some back roads up/down a mountain, we finally found some.  What an amazing sight.  It was a great day!! :)

Day 316


Mum’s here!!

Even after a 2 hour delay, and threats of lost baggage.  Unfortunately, our plans needed to be adjusted and we were unable to go to Sweetwater Creek State Park.  But hopefully we’ll get time to go  during her visit.

We did get to have a delicious meal at Cue tonight though.  Yum, yum!

Day 315


Mum’s coming into town tomorrow!!
So…finally time to clean the car (inside/out), and get an oil change.

I found this little guy outside on a picnic table while I was waiting for my car.

Day 314


Nothing much happened today…

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