Day 316


Mum’s here!!

Even after a 2 hour delay, and threats of lost baggage.  Unfortunately, our plans needed to be adjusted and we were unable to go to Sweetwater Creek State Park.  But hopefully we’ll get time to go  during her visit.

We did get to have a delicious meal at Cue tonight though.  Yum, yum!

Day 315


Mum’s coming into town tomorrow!!
So…finally time to clean the car (inside/out), and get an oil change.

I found this little guy outside on a picnic table while I was waiting for my car.

Day 314


Nothing much happened today…

Day 313


Ok, so…rainy weather is one thing…but threats of tornados and hail is a completely different thing.

Today has reminded me just how strange the weather can be.  One minute it’s a normal April day.  A few hours later all hell breaks loose and it’s raining cats and dogs and hail balls. 

But just wait…7 minutes after that the sun is shining brightly in the sky with no signs of bad weather, just big fluffy white clouds.  Crazy.

At least I didn’t see a tornado.  Those things scare everything right out of me.

Day 312


Rainy days are upon us.

Like the saying goes…April showers…

Day 311


I really love my camera. 

I know I’ve said that before…but I really do.  Some of the images that I get with it simply amaze me.

Like today, I went out on the back porch to try and get a decent pic for the day.  Success!

We also had some of Will’s friends over for dinner tonight.  That went really nice too.  I made some hummas, and Will made chili and guacamole.  Everything was delicious!

Day 310



Working a double today, trying to make lots of money. :)

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