February 19, 2018

Hey look! I’m on my mat!! …but still no yoga was done.

I laid out my mat, tried to take some pics, and became frustrated because they didn’t “look good”. Plus, I was tired from work and the gym.

Sitting here now, I understand today’s reflection. Excuses.

I love excuses.
I’m tired. I have no space. My mat is shredding at the feet (what’s up with that BTW?!). I don’t know what to do. I don’t have the time. I need more resources.

I have far to go to over come this hurdle, and I’ll take it one day at a time. But it’s gonna be a hard one. One of the main reasons I wanted to start this journey. And I know, on some level, that it’s mind over matter.

Just do it. Don’t judge it.
Just DO it.

But not today.

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February 18, 2018

Today was an interesting day. I did not end up “doing” any yoga today, but rather spent quite a bit of time searching.

Searching for…something

Meanwhile, I have found some books I’d like to read, started following more people for inspiration on IG, and still have that unsure feeling of *how* to start this journey.

I’d like to take some “before” pics of me practicing so that when I get better I can see my progress. But that seems daunting…so I avoided it today.

There’s always tomorrow!

#divingwithin #timetogrow #yoga #strength #inspiration #dailychallenge #imscared #butready

February 17, 2018

Hi. My name is Brandi.
Starting today I’ve decided to begin a new journey.

My exploration of yoga.

From routines to research, inspirational people to technical jargon. I want to gain a greater understanding of myself, my body, my journey.

Ideally, my goal is to post something EVERY day. More if I’m so inspired. I’ve found I push myself and grow when I create large, daily projects. So here’s my next project.

There’s something very vulnerable about this project which scares me…and that’s exactly the reason I’m pushing myself to do it.

There will (hopefully) be…

Blunt moments of honesty.
Raw moments of insecurities.
Visual moments of strength.
Gleeful moments of success.

And if I’m lucky, quiet moments of realizations and growth.

Join me if you’d like.
I’ll be here either way.
Every day.

#divingwithin #timetogrow #yoga #strength #inspiration #dailychallenge #imscared #butready



I found this photo online today and it really resonated with my current mood. Today I committed to a 30 day yoga challenge and what I found out was, it felt GREAT!

The first day was a 30 minute routine with your basic positions and flows. Could I do everything perfectly? No. But it felt amazing as I worked through the routine and focused on my breathe and moving with intention.

By the end, beads of sweat were gently rolling down the side of my face and down the curve of my back. But it felt good. It wasn’t that gross kind of wore out, beat to the bone, out of breathe sweat.

It was a feeling of success and renewed strength. It felt good.

Really good.

I want…


Why is there never enough time to do what you want to do?

The days are too short and filled with obligations and chores.

I want to play. I want to relax in the shade of a forest of trees, watching as the creatures of said forest play themselves.

I want to create. I want to enjoy the creative process without feelings of criticism, mostly from myself. I want to be able to spend hours upon hours creating.

I want to read more. I want to get caught up in another world and become so familiar with the characters that I forget they’re not “real”.

I want to walk along the ocean shore on the most perfect late afternoon and hang out until sunset. And when the sun does begin to set, I want the light to play with the clouds in such a way that it creates a magical, evolving canvas of beauty.

I want to actually enjoy a thunderstorm. I want to smell the rain and feel the breeze as the storm passes through.

I want to feel alive, not just present. How do we balance our responsibilities and our desires? How can we enjoy our existence while also maintaining our financial obligations?

I want to feel alive.
Not just “be” alive.




2 years ago we rode this ferris wheel on a wonderful, relaxing day hanging out together.

Tonight we rode VIP at night and got engaged! How crazy! And wonderful.



Nursing school. Done.


Wow.  I’m actually finished with nursing school. 

No, really. 
This isn’t a joke.  I took, and passed, my last nursing school final today. 

At 1pm this afternoon I walked into that building feeling confident that I would pass.  A much different sight than last semester mind you. 

Yes.  I failed a class last semester and was unable to graduate with “my class”.  I own that.  That’s my journey and I’m ok with that now.  But, I gave all of myself this semester to studying. 

I consumed rediculus amounts of coffee, stayed up all hours of the night, and ignored my friends/family to ensure that I passed this exam today.  And I passed.

I frickin passed!

It’s still hard to believe that I’m actually going to graduate from a private university with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.  What?! 

I’m proud beyond words and I think I’ll be in shock for a couple more days.  One huge step done, and one more to go. 

NCLEX is the next hurdle, but I got this.

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