Day 111


Training at JCP was really interesting today.  We got to do 2 photo shoots with “real” kids, a 4 year old boy, and two babies (1 month boy, 4 month girl). 
It was a whole lot of fun.  I really can’t wait to start doing more shoots.  The amount of things to learn is both exciting and daunting.  But, mostly exciting. :)

Day 110

Day 110

Today I started another new job.  I honestly can not believe how many jobs I’ve had this year already.  My taxes are going to be crazy next year!

I found this job through a friend from my previous job at TSS.  Everyone there seems really nice, which is a plus.  I’ve always liked the restaurant environment, so I have high hopes.  The food rocks too, which helps (and hurts, the waistline)!

I’d love to just have one job, and be able to focus more on school…but that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now.  I’m hoping that everything will go smoothly though, between JCP and Cue schedule-wise.  It’s hard juggling 2 jobs and school, but I gotta make it work!  This week I’m working a LOT, which is good…but tiring.  I’ve also been very unmotivated lately for some reason.  Too much to do, and not enough hours in the day I suppose.  We still have so much to unpack and organize in the house, and I feel like I’m not studying near enough, and yet I need to work more hours so I can pay my bills, but I just want to sleep,  and I really want to go out and get some good pictures, yet I can’t seem to find the time.

I know…long sentence…but that’s where my head is.

Day 109


Interesting day today.

Went to Longhorn with Will and his family for his birthday lunch.  That was very nice, and very filling. :)

Then I spent the rest of the day working on a paper and studying for a med/surg  exam. 

I missed a clinical day today as well…not sure yet what’s to come of that mistake.  I’m waiting to hear back from my instructor.  I really hope I didn’t mess things up with school.  All I can do at this point though is hope for the best, and keep studying.

Day 108


I had a good day at work today.  Next week is training with the camera and such, and I’m looking forward to learning a lot.

Other than that…lots of schoolwork…too much it seems…


Day 107

Day 107

Pretty quiet day today.

Worked on homework, ate lunch with Will, worked on homework, ate dinner…sleep next, I guess.

Day 106


This is Louie.

He’s  a stray kitten in the neighborhood that we’ve been thinking about taking in…as soon the house is a little more “kitten friendly”.

In the meantime, he’s been a guest in our foyer and our laps.  He was so relaxed and sleepy today.  It was just too adorible.  I think he’s getting more comfortable with us, and as a result he was able to let his guard down a bit.

So cute.  So very cute.

Day 105


Last delicious meal before we start eating cardboard.  Will and I have decided to go on a diet, so we are pigging out at Denny’s.

So. Much. Food.

I’m gonna be…

So. Full.

Day 104


And…we’re home. 

I’m both glad and sad to be back home.  Sad, because we have to go back to work/school/reality.  Glad, because I missed Georgia and the good things here. 

I had such a great time on our trip, and I’m so glad Will invited me to join him.  His folks were super generous and kind, and it was great to meet them.

I got a ton of great pictures, and lots of great memories.  My hope is that Will and I have many, many more adventures like that one.  :)

Day 103


I wish this picture could depict the actual enormity of these trees.  Will and I drove down to Santa Cruz to the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. 

And amazing.

Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel and met his parents for dinner.  Tonight we had Vietnamese, and it was delicious.  All the food here was great…but I could really use a simple pepperoni pizza or some cheese  dip.  :)

Anyway, we’ve got a ridiculously early flight home…so…till tomorrow.

Day 102


Another great day with Will in California.

Today, we met Will’s parents after breakfast and headed towards San Franscisco.  It was an overcast day, so the photo ops were a little less than desired, but I still had a blast. 

Our first stop was the Golden Gate Bridge.  We got some nice pics and left because it was sprinkling a little bit.

Next stop was In and Out Burger.  I’ve heard of this place before…but didn’t know much about it.  My thoughts…it was good. 

Coit Tower was next, and worth the wait in line.  I got some really cool pics of the city, and it was very neat to be up that high overlooking all of San Franscisco. 

Next stop – Haight Ashbury and Will’s annual trip to Amoeba Music.  Two things: We got a lot of good music, and I could of spent a lot more time shopping and taking pics here.  :)  Very neat place.

After that adventure we headed down the coast to a Peruvian resturant on the beach.  Wow.  What a beautiful place.  Luckily, we arrived early and I was able to wander around for awhile and take tons of pictures. 

I love the sound of water crashing on the shore, the smell of salt water in the air, and all the natural beauty.  I don’t miss Florida much (the place, not the people), but I do miss the beaches.  It was always the place I would go to when I needed to unwind or recenter.  I’m still looking for a place like that in Georgia.  Ah well.

Great day today.  Lots of pictures, laughs, and full bellies.

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