Day 142


Happy halloween. 

Tomorrow Will and I are headed to North Carolina to visit his friend Shaileen and family.  I’m pretty excited.

Day 141


I love people.  Really. 

I love the moments when someone I don’t even know, reaches out and speaks to me.  It pulls me out of myself and allows me to be connected to another human being on a level that is easy to forget.

We all have personal struggles, but with the inspirational help of others, we can get through anything.  This was reenforced to me today.

I may be “young”, but those older than me need inspiration and motivation as well.  And if I can provide that to someone…I will do it any chance I can.  Thank you.

Day 140


Just another “beautiful fall colors” photograph.  I saw this tree in the parking lot of our apartment on my way to work today.  The colors just struck me, and I had to try and capture it.

Unfortunatley, the camera doesn’t do the actual tree justice, but I still like it.

Day 139


Hmm…so, in the past few days I’ve quit JCP portrait studio, been working a lot at Cue, and dog sitting with Will. 

I really like working at Cue.  Everyone’s very nice, and the food tastes good too.

Unfortunatley though, JCP didn’t work out.  I’m a bit bummed about that.  I was really hoping to learn a lot about portrait photography working there, but…that wasn’t the case.  In my head, I thought I’d be working with a professional photographer and “learn the trade”.  Instead, I was given a couple days of training and put on the floor by myself. 

Which would be ok, if I had the time to study photography on my own and feel more confidant in the camera room.  But, I don’t.  Not with nursing school.  So, I decided to focus on school.  And now I have 13 chapters to read/study before Tuesday.

If you need me, I’ll be in my med/surg book…

Day 138


I know I haven’t written anything the past few days, and nothing very good in a while…but life has been…busy.

Hopefully soon I can either catch up, or be creative.  Either way, tonight is not the night.

Day 137



Day 136



Day 135


Tired.  Going to bed.

Day 134


Lots happened today…but I’ll catch up later.  :)

Day 133


First things first – My wonderful boyfriend bought me these flowers, and they are beautiful.  :)

Tonight I headed down to Peachtree City for the GANS (Georiga Association of Nursing Students) convention.  I’m hoping that 3 days of nursing information and my peers will help me get my head back in the game.
(Fingers crossed)

More on that adventure to follow…

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