Day 293



Day 292


Well, tonight we had a test review for OB…and now I am so overwhelmed.  Blah.  Can this semester be over yet…

Day 291


Today we had a lecture/tour at the cardiac care unit of Children’s Healthcare of America.

I had Will drop me off so I didn’t have to worry about parking, and afterwards I had some time to walk around and get some pictures.

Day 290


Well, I’ve started feeling like crap lately…overweight, unhealthy, etc…

So I’m trying to watch what I eat, and how much I eat.  I have to admit, my taste buds sure do like all the fresh fruits and veggies, and I’m really beginning to love hot lemon/honey water. :)

Day 289


I. Am. Dead. Tired.

Worked a double today, but made $$$!

But I hurt…

Day 288


My life for the next few weeks.

Day 287


Today I made my own basil pesto hummus.  It is delicious! 

(This of course, is yummy ice cream…not hummus)  :)

Day 286


Pretty days are here.  Just waiting on all the pollen to start dropping.

Day 285


Well, I had a Skype tutor session tonight and basically, I need to put more time towards studying.  Which of course I knew…but I guess just needed to pay someone to tell me. :(

Tired, and going to bed.  I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Day 284


Trying to eat better…one day at a time…

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