Day 286


Pretty days are here.  Just waiting on all the pollen to start dropping.

Day 285


Well, I had a Skype tutor session tonight and basically, I need to put more time towards studying.  Which of course I knew…but I guess just needed to pay someone to tell me. :(

Tired, and going to bed.  I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Day 284


Trying to eat better…one day at a time…

Day 283


Again, I did not take a picture today.

This was taken a while ago…but I really wanted to look at something beautiful, not stress over finding something that would pass as a photo tonight.

It’s been very stressful this past week or so…and I’m just trying to hold it all together.

Day 282



Day 281

So, my day started like this:

Nursing school blues: endless studying, difficult exams, long late night lectures, constantly questioning your abilities/knowledge, god damn select all that apply…

It’s hard.  It sucks. 

I just watched the first episode of the first season of Grey’s Anatomy, and was re-inspired to want to do better. 

I may not be the best, but I got this.


Unfortunatley…by the end of the day I was not feeling so positive and upbeat.  I didn’t take any pictures and didn’t even want to try.  I just watched some tv, ate dinner, and went to bed.


Let’s hope today is better.

Day 280


Work, study on break, work again, study at home.

Sleep.  Repeat.

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