Day 172



Sometimes it’s more frustration than it’s worth.

Day 171


I really love today’s picture.  :)  And I realized, after I took it, that it is my first photo of the day that has a degree of self portraiture to it.  So, that’s neat.

This old tree stump was in the yard of Will’s grandma’s house.  We drove up to Chattanooga today for a post-thanksgiving day meal.  It was all very yummy, and I got a few nice pictures.

Day 170


Another merge day.  I just didn’t take any pictures today. 

Thought about it a few times, but never did for some reason.  Ah well.

Day 169


Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was a really nice day.  I went over to a friend’s house to do laundry, help cook, and hang out before our big dinner. 

She had an amazing menu planned, and everything came out fantastic!  The food was great, the company was great, and our bellies are stuffed.

Day 168



Day 167


Apparently I’m in a cloud/tree kinda phase.  Not much else to say today.

Day 166


Hmm…pretty lazy day.  We got a new bookcase off craigslist today, studied, cleaned up around the house, nothing too exciting.

I have another exam tomorrow…so I’ll be studing all morning/afternoon. 

Day 165


I had clinical today, and I was able to follow a nurse in the ER dept.  It was…interesting.  Things were organized differently, but similar.  The nurse I was paired with wasn’t too busy, and did not have any traumas while I was there. 

I was able to get my first IV stick today.  I got in the vein, but the nurse had to take over because I was about to mess up.  I’m very glad that I finally got to practice though.  Next time will be better…hopefully.

Day 164


I used to think I had to “find myself”, but I’ve realized that’s not the case.

Now…I just have to “find” the time to create myself.

But what do you do when you don’t feel like you have enough time?…Or don’t seem to make the time?…

Day 163


I found a cute park near the house today.  A nice, quiet place by the river.  Not quite the ocean, but it might do.  :)

It was nice to walk around and focus on photography for a bit today.  Weather was a little cool, but not too cold.  I’m sure I’ll be back there again.

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