Day 81

Long day.


Irritated by people’s pettiness.

Thankful for others.


Day 80

Day 80

Today, Will and I visited IKEA.


What an adventure.  It was a very interesting store to visit, if not a bit overwhelming.  There were lots of pretty neat things there, and I can imagine one could do some really cool things with their home decor.  But, I gotta say I’m not a fan of the layout.  It appeared that you have to walk a predetermined pathway through the store, whereas I prefer to walk in which ever direction I choose.  :)

We picked up some things for the apartment (lamps, desk, most of a futon), but my favorite were these animal butt hooks.  The tail of this animal (yet to be determined if they are cats or dogs) are the “hook” and they are in fun bright colors.  Super cute.

Now, time to play some Final Fantasy.

Day 79


Today was a pretty great day.

Work was relatively easy, which was a nice break from what it’s been.  Then, after work I met Will at the new apartment complex and he signed the lease to our new place.

It is such a cute apartment!!  2 bedrooms, 2 bath, vaulted celings, 2nd floor, nice kitchen, and a balcony.  I love it! :)

After that, I met Joanne and Leann and we ate lunch at O’Charley.  We all caught up on the latest news in our lives (you know how girls do), and I headed home.

Once Will got home from work we decided to go have a nice, special dinner to celebrate the day.  One delicious dinner later, and I’m ready for bed. :)

Day 78


Today was a long, hard day at work.  Sometimes it seems like some people don’t have a good work ethic.  Which just seems to cause more work for those of us that do, and it can be very discouraging.

Today was one of those days.

Luckily, the evening was filled with lots of smiles, yummy food, good company, and flowers.  :)

Day 77


Not much happened today.  I didn’t go to bed until 6 am this morning (because of work), then slept until 4ish.

After that I got up and did a little studying, took some pictures in the yard, and spent the evening watching Louie and sipping rum and cokes.

So, good end to an uneventful day.

Day 76


I know my photos have become less “artsy” lately…but life has gotten so busy and stressful.  It’s really all I can do to just make sure I take at least one picture for the day, and post my blog. :)

School started back up today.  Back to the endless reading, driving to Gainesvsille, and crossing fingers I don’t fail any tests.

Well, I’m pulling an overnight at work today…so I better get back to it…

Day 75

Day 75

Wow.  Today sucked.

Let me just start by saying that I know I may not always do things “the right way”, but damn.  These past few months have taken me on one crazy emotional adventure.  Like the tides of an ocean flowing up and down the shores, my emotions have done the same.  I’ve gotten closer to some people, and others that I thought were close, are slipping away.

My eyes are open now.  What I see before me is one book closing while another one awaits, eager to show me what it has written on its pages.  It’s both sad and exciting.  Sure, it’s fun to finish a good book, but now you are no longer a part of that story.  So you set it aside, placing it among your favorite things and hope to remember the story forever.

Now what, you ask yourself.  Time for a new one I suppose.  But what kind of story do I want to read now?  What story will unfold before me at this point in my life?  That’s where the excitement comes in.  You hope for good times and many smiles.  Fun with friends and new romances.

I like to stay positive and hope that after hardships, comes something beautiful.  A new beginning if you will.  Like the trees that were burned down in a forest fire, eventually new growth sprouts up from the charred soil.  That’s what is happening with me as well.  I could easily take this situation, and become hateful or depressed.

Instead, I choose to make something beautiful.  I’ll create my own forest.

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