Blood bites


I’m really hating getting bloodwork right now.  Today made the second office visit, and sixth stick with no results.  What. The. Heck!

I guess I’ll just try again tomorrow…this time at the lab.  They better get it or I’ll be really upset…

ATL Collective presents Jeff Buckley – Grace


Tonight Will and I saw an amazing show by ATL Collective, Jeff Buckley’s Grace.  ATL Collective is a super tallented collaboration of local musicians who cover albums from start to finish. 

This show was no exception.  I first saw them at Eddie’s Attic last year, and that’s how I was introduced to Prisca and Faye Webster. 

Tonight I was introduced to a few more musicians that I can’t wait to learn more about – Landon Pigg, Adron, and Marshall Ruffin. 


Music is such a beautiful thing.  It seeps into every crack of your soul and vibrates perfectly.

Nursing school blues


I’m sure it’s a normal reaction, but lately I’ve been doubting my career choice.  Not that I’m quitting or anything…I just wonder if it will be worth it.  If I’ll be “happy” at the end of all this.

Finding satisfaction in my job is a key factor for me.  If I don’t have that, it’s hard for me to stick with it.  And right now…I’m not happy.

Sure, I know, nobody needs to tell me…nursing school is hard.  Yeah, I know.  I’m almost done.  I get it.  But what happens after school.  I guess that’s what I’m scared of. 

Days like today (where I’m overwhelmed and stressed out) make me think about all this…and wonder…is this what I really want?

Happy 1 year!


Today marks 1 year for Will and I.  It’s crazy to think that it’s been that long!  But, this past year has given me the peace I needed and many days filled with love.

We went to Sweetwater Creek Park today and… It. Was. Hot.  This place is so beautiful, and I can’t wait until the weather is nice enough that I can spend hours there.

While taking pictures, I noticed that someone had balanced some rocks in the creek, and it reminded me of  Its a really interesting site that everyone should check out.

Cotton balls


I love cotton ball clouds.  Just seeing them floating in the sky makes me smile. 

Little happy clouds, full of hope and warm fuzzies…

Sick days


When you’re young, you look forward to staying home from school because you’re “sick”…but when you’re older, and “really” sick, it’s not fun at all.

The past two days have been hazy for me.  Wednesday afternoon, after work, I was a wreck.  I don’t know if it was due to heat exhaustion from work or a stomach bug, but either way I was seriously messed up. 

I was fighting a fever, throwing up, and sleeping the day away.  I lost 7 pounds in two days (which I’m sure I’ll unfortunatley gain back sooner than I lost it), and I was constantly in pain and weak.

It sucked.

Let’s not do that again, please.

Broken pieces


I’m overwhelmed and under stimulated.

I’m bored and don’t know what to do.

I’m broke and even if I do think of something to do, I can’t afford it.

I feel self destructive, but the sane part of me is keeping me glued together.

I want something, but I can’t figure out what.

But the worst part is, I can’t explain these feelings properly…and no one understands what I mean.

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