Year 2/Day 15


Today was one of those days where my eyes where open.  I love seeing interesting photos in everyday objects. 

This shot was a glass of old soda at work.  Something about the light caught my eye, and I  got an interesting photo out of it. 

I kind of wish I had my camera at the time so the image would have been even more intense, but now I have an idea for a later project.

Happy 1 year!


Today marks 1 year for Will and I.  It’s crazy to think that it’s been that long!  But, this past year has given me the peace I needed and many days filled with love.

We went to Sweetwater Creek Park today and… It. Was. Hot.  This place is so beautiful, and I can’t wait until the weather is nice enough that I can spend hours there.

While taking pictures, I noticed that someone had balanced some rocks in the creek, and it reminded me of  Its a really interesting site that everyone should check out.

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