Year 2/Day 198

Year 2 - Day 198

Will had to run some errands downtown for the estate and instead of trying to hassle with parking I just dropped him off and drove around.  While driving I found an interesting place to stop and take some pictures and walk around for a little bit.  It was very peaceful and quite.

We also decided to have one cheat night and had dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.  I figured this would be a good place to get something kind of healthy.  I got a small filet steak, salad with raspberry vinaigrette (on the side), and broccoli.  We didn’t get any appetizers or desserts and I only had one piece of bread.


I still managed to feel gross afterwards.  Bloated and greasy.  Yuck.  Not the greatest idea.

Year 2/Day 153.5

Year 2 - Day 153.5

So…I got my days mixed up and now I have a weird day.  :/

Year 2/Day 135

Year 2 - Day 135

The sky was beautiful today.  I love moments like this.  Things feel so peaceful and calm.

Year 2/Day 134

Year 2 - Day 134

Headed back home today.  Well, for a couple days at least.  Then we’re back to South Carolina again.

Year 2/Day 130

Year 2 - Day 130

Will and I drove up to South Carolina today.  I was finally able to come up here with him and help work on clearing out his uncle’s apartment.  You see…he was a hoarder.  Like the hoarders TV show, hoarder.  With lots of dust…Luckily he only had a 1 bedroom apartment and not an entire house!

I had seen the pictures before today, but to actually see the place was an entirely different story.  Lots of work ahead.

Year 2/Day 129

Year 2 - Day 129

The six of us did some site seeing today.  We decided to take the lazy way up to the top of Stone Mountain and looked around there for a little bit.  Then we walked around the park, did some shopping, took a train ride, and got some food.  Good times!

Year 2/Day 126


I finally had some time to decorate!  It felt so nice to work on the house and make things “pretty”.

20151207_153100 FB_IMG_1449522394536 FB_IMG_1449522480127

Year 2/Day 96

Year 2 - Day 96

I’ve been doing really well trying to eat better, and I actually like going to the gym now (eeks…).  It’s interesting how “bad” some foods are when you take a moment and really look at them from a macro-nutrient level.  No more fast food for me thanks.  My whole day is blown in just one meal!

It’s also interesting how some “good” foods are broken down differently than you’d expect. (Example: hard boiled eggs are a good source of protein, but are rather high in fats.  Good fats, but still fats.)  I am enjoying the fact that the healthier I eat, the more healthy I want to continue eating.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are days when I just want a big bowl of cheesy pasta and ice cream and french fries and…you get it.  But on average, I’m good.

Year 2/Day 15


Today was one of those days where my eyes where open.  I love seeing interesting photos in everyday objects. 

This shot was a glass of old soda at work.  Something about the light caught my eye, and I  got an interesting photo out of it. 

I kind of wish I had my camera at the time so the image would have been even more intense, but now I have an idea for a later project.

Day 44

Day 44

Ok.  So let me explain.

I have two statements to say about this picture.

1) Yes, it’s kind of a copout.  I know.  I had another picture picked out for today, but then I bumped up the contrast and it improved the image drastically.  So, I couldn’t use that image for the pic of the day.  (I’ve imposed a rule that the picture of the day must 1) Be taken that day 2) Can not be altered, except cropped)

2) I had placed my phone down on my lap with the camera open, and noticed this image on the screen.  Something about it really intrigued me, so I snapped a picture.  This image has a quality to it that causes me to think deeper.  What is it?  What does it mean?  Am I missing something?  For those reasons, I’ve chosen to use this image.  No, it’s not my best work.  I know this.  Abstract?  Yes, I think so.  There is just something here that grabs on to me and causes me to linger, and I like that feeling.

I don’t know how other people will react to this shot, but I’m kind of interesting to find out.  :)

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