Day 44

Day 44

Ok.  So let me explain.

I have two statements to say about this picture.

1) Yes, it’s kind of a copout.  I know.  I had another picture picked out for today, but then I bumped up the contrast and it improved the image drastically.  So, I couldn’t use that image for the pic of the day.  (I’ve imposed a rule that the picture of the day must 1) Be taken that day 2) Can not be altered, except cropped)

2) I had placed my phone down on my lap with the camera open, and noticed this image on the screen.  Something about it really intrigued me, so I snapped a picture.  This image has a quality to it that causes me to think deeper.  What is it?  What does it mean?  Am I missing something?  For those reasons, I’ve chosen to use this image.  No, it’s not my best work.  I know this.  Abstract?  Yes, I think so.  There is just something here that grabs on to me and causes me to linger, and I like that feeling.

I don’t know how other people will react to this shot, but I’m kind of interesting to find out.  :)

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