Year 2/Day 135

Year 2 - Day 135

The sky was beautiful today.  I love moments like this.  Things feel so peaceful and calm.

Year 2/Day 97

Year 2 - Day 97

Wandered outside in our backyard today and found this interesting shot.

Year 2/Day 95

Year 2 - Day 95

It’s been raining for days, and it has been so gloomy.

Thankfully, the sun decided to peak out and say “Hello” for a little while today.  I love how the sun shines and reflects off wet surfaces.  I had a moment to try and capture the beauty before it disappeared.

Sun showers


There’s something simply beautiful about daytime rain showers.  Instead of an ominous, dark, dreadful feeling, they are filled with  hope, joy, and feelings of renewal.

The raindrops sparkle with the sun’s reflections and rainbows appear in the sky. 

Even now…days after this event occured…I am filled with feelings of serenity by simply recalling that moment.  It’s refreshing. 

If only I could bottle up moments like that.

Flowers of the sun


I love taking pictures of flowers, and I’m lucky enough to have a great boyfriend who buys them for me.  :)

These are some beautiful sunflowers that we got about a week ago.  I spent a lot of time outside with them, and these are some of the best shots I got.

Day 31

Day 31

This was the view I saw after a 3 mile walk today.  I decided to walk Leeloo (older husky) and followed the trail Niki has been taking recently.  It’s quite a nice walk, with plenty of trees and walkways.  I was lucky this time too.  When I got back to the car, I got the joy of seeing a train go by.

I LOVE trains.  :)

I can’t help it.  I know I may sound like a 9 year old boy, but I do.  I love trains.  I will patiently wait for them in traffic…holler “Train!” whenever I hear one…and always watch them as they roll on by.  When I turned around to head back to the car and go home, I saw this view and snapped a few pictures.  I figured if I didn’t get a good picture of the train, this would definitely work.

I’m actually pretty pleased with this shot.  Normally, I think sky pictures are rather generic and ho-hum.  This one really catches my eye, though.  I love how the trees are blacked out and sort of frame the large puffy cloud.  Of course, the sun rays are a nice added bonus.  :)

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