Year 2/Day 140


Today was rainy and gross.

That is all.

Year 2/Day 98

Year 2 - Day 98

The rain has just been awful!

Year 2/Day 97

Year 2 - Day 97

Wandered outside in our backyard today and found this interesting shot.

Year 2/Day 95

Year 2 - Day 95

It’s been raining for days, and it has been so gloomy.

Thankfully, the sun decided to peak out and say “Hello” for a little while today.  I love how the sun shines and reflects off wet surfaces.  I had a moment to try and capture the beauty before it disappeared.

Year 2/Day 89

Year 2 - Day 89

Another 12 hour day clinical day.  My preceptor wasn’t able to work today, so I followed another nurse.  She was very sweet and let me do a lot (which I appreciated).  Overall it was a pretty good day.

Year 2/Day 56


Today we moved that last of our stuff out of the apartment and handed over the keys.  We no longer live there…which kinda feels nice.  :)  It wasn’t a bad place to live, but not the greatest either.  Hopefully our new place will be wonderful!

Year 2/Day 14


Worked all day, tired, still stressed about school and other things…but I’m going to forget all that right now, enjoy some McDonald’s, and watch a movie. 

I’ll continue dealing with all this stuff tomorrow.

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