Year 2/Day 140


Today was rainy and gross.

That is all.

Year 2/Day 98

Year 2 - Day 98

The rain has just been awful!

Year 2/Day 97

Year 2 - Day 97

Wandered outside in our backyard today and found this interesting shot.

Year 2/Day 95

Year 2 - Day 95

It’s been raining for days, and it has been so gloomy.

Thankfully, the sun decided to peak out and say “Hello” for a little while today.  I love how the sun shines and reflects off wet surfaces.  I had a moment to try and capture the beauty before it disappeared.

Year 2/Day 89

Year 2 - Day 89

Another 12 hour day clinical day.  My preceptor wasn’t able to work today, so I followed another nurse.  She was very sweet and let me do a lot (which I appreciated).  Overall it was a pretty good day.

Year 2/Day 56


Today we moved that last of our stuff out of the apartment and handed over the keys.  We no longer live there…which kinda feels nice.  :)  It wasn’t a bad place to live, but not the greatest either.  Hopefully our new place will be wonderful!

Year 2/Day 14


Worked all day, tired, still stressed about school and other things…but I’m going to forget all that right now, enjoy some McDonald’s, and watch a movie. 

I’ll continue dealing with all this stuff tomorrow.

Year 2/Day 6


I love watching rain clouds roll in.  It’s somehow relaxing and scary at the same time.

Tonight I saw Train Wreck with two girls from work.  It was a cute movie, and we had a fun time.

Sun showers


There’s something simply beautiful about daytime rain showers.  Instead of an ominous, dark, dreadful feeling, they are filled with  hope, joy, and feelings of renewal.

The raindrops sparkle with the sun’s reflections and rainbows appear in the sky. 

Even now…days after this event occured…I am filled with feelings of serenity by simply recalling that moment.  It’s refreshing. 

If only I could bottle up moments like that.

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