Year 2/Day 204

Year 2 - Day 204

I finally got around to going to one of those wine and paint places today.  I dragged along Michelle and we were determined to have a great time.

Success!!  :)  What a blast this was!  I was worried that my painting would look awful, but I think it turned out great.  Michelle’s looked awesome too!  The neatest thing about this class was that everyone was creating a similar painting, but each one looked different.  They all had a bit of the person’s personality in it which really gave each piece a unique characteristic.

I love this!  I can’t wait to do another one!  :)



Year 2/Day 194

Year 2 - Day 194

Spent a little time outside in the cold taking photos of flowers.  Didn’t stay too long though…cause it was cold! :)

Year 2/Day 185

Year 2 - Day 185

This showed up today.  :)  Will actually had these sent to the hotel in North Charleston while we were there this weekend, to say thank you.  Unfortunately, I had already checked out of the hotel before they arrived.  It’s so cute!

Year 2/Day 36


This morning I woke up in such pain that I immediately called the doctor and went in as soon as possible.

An hour or so later, Will and I are at Kroger picking up 3, yes three, prescriptions.

Because I’m in nursing school I’ll list a little about each drug:

Motrin 800mg – NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory) used to block the inflammatory process = decreasing swelling, pain, or fever

– I took this as soon as I got home, and iced my back for about an hour.  Really noticed some improvements.

Flexeril 10mg – muscle relaxer used to treat muscle spasms

– I have not taken yet because I had school tonight, and I’m now waiting for Will to get home since it’s a new drug for me.

Tramadol 50mg – analgesic used to relieve moderate pain = changes the way the brain responds to pain signals

– Again, have not taken yet due to school.  Although, I’m not sure if I’ll take it yet.  The Motrin seems to be helping a lot…so we’ll see.

I’m really hoping all this resolves in the next couple of days.  I’ve got a lot to do with school, work, and now moving.  I don’t have time to be hurt!

Year 2/Day 27


I took this the other day, but I love it so much I wanted to make sure it made the 365 project.

This was a rather boring shot which I spruced up digitally.  I also edited a few others.



These two were less altered, but they all make me smile! :)

Year 2/Day 26


First big exam done.  Yay!

Today ended up being a very relaxing day.  After my exam I headed home and watched a little tv.  Then I  decided to get some flower photos before they died.

After spending a little time outside, I realized how nice the weather was.  It had been raining in the morning, but this afternoon the temperature was almost perfect.  I might even say a little chilly in the breeze.

I decided to take advantage of this nice weather so I headed up to work and sat outside on the patio.  I did a little homework, hung out a bit, and then headed back home. 

Year 2/Day 23


Second day of class…

Man, hold on ladies and gentlemen.  It’s gonna be a bumpy ride…

Flowers of the sun


I love taking pictures of flowers, and I’m lucky enough to have a great boyfriend who buys them for me.  :)

These are some beautiful sunflowers that we got about a week ago.  I spent a lot of time outside with them, and these are some of the best shots I got.

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