Year 2/Day 26


First big exam done.  Yay!

Today ended up being a very relaxing day.  After my exam I headed home and watched a little tv.  Then I  decided to get some flower photos before they died.

After spending a little time outside, I realized how nice the weather was.  It had been raining in the morning, but this afternoon the temperature was almost perfect.  I might even say a little chilly in the breeze.

I decided to take advantage of this nice weather so I headed up to work and sat outside on the patio.  I did a little homework, hung out a bit, and then headed back home. 

Day 50

Day 50


I know we all have to deal with it, but dang…some days are harder than others.

Luckily, most days I’m pretty optimistic and able to see the bright side.  Fortunately, I’m learning to speak my mind and stand up for what I believe in.  Inevitably, there are days when I’m wrong, and I’m OK with that.  I take those days or situations, and try to learn something from it…try to grow as an individual.  Do I always get it right?  Hell no.  But I keep trying, and learning, and growing.

I’m grateful to have a strong support system full of friends and family that cares about me, and has my back when I need it.  Without all of them, it would be harder to deal with life’s difficulties.

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