Day 165


I had clinical today, and I was able to follow a nurse in the ER dept.  It was…interesting.  Things were organized differently, but similar.  The nurse I was paired with wasn’t too busy, and did not have any traumas while I was there. 

I was able to get my first IV stick today.  I got in the vein, but the nurse had to take over because I was about to mess up.  I’m very glad that I finally got to practice though.  Next time will be better…hopefully.

Day 164


I used to think I had to “find myself”, but I’ve realized that’s not the case.

Now…I just have to “find” the time to create myself.

But what do you do when you don’t feel like you have enough time?…Or don’t seem to make the time?…

Day 163


I found a cute park near the house today.  A nice, quiet place by the river.  Not quite the ocean, but it might do.  :)

It was nice to walk around and focus on photography for a bit today.  Weather was a little cool, but not too cold.  I’m sure I’ll be back there again.

Day 162


Nothing crazy happened today.

Worked, watched tv, ate dinner.  I’ve got to catch up on homework tomorrow though!

Day 161


Double at work = sore Brandi + $$

Day 160


I suppose I’m at that point in this project where I’m starting to plateau.

I’m struggling to find “neat” things to take pictures of, and have been feeling like my pictures stink lately.  Not that they’re bad, per se…but not great either.

Most days, I’m too busy to be inspired to go out and find something great to take a picture of.  Or, like today, I have interesting ideas, but don’t follow through on them. 

Lazy?  Too busy?  Hard to say.

Either way, I’m in a creative slump.  I’m trying to not get too worked up about it.  Let it be what it is.  But I can complain about it right?!  :)

Day 159


Today was chore day.  Laundry, groceries, housework, dinner, followed by “work” work.

…and I’m beat.  Time for bed.

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