Day 158


Today’s picture is not “pretty”, I know.

But there’s something intriguing about it.  It’s gross, and kind of spooky, but yet still dynamic.  I debated about using it for my pick of the day, but finally decided to go ahead because it intrigued me so much.

We started today off by sleeping in until noon.  :)  Always a good way to start the day.  After that, we visted Will’s friends in Adairsville.  They were very pleasant, and we had a nice time.

Day 157


Today was a very nice, relaxing day.  We both slept in, I started watching Orange is the new Black, we saw Gone Girl at Movie Sudio Grill  (will not be going back, movie was good, place was annoying), and ended the night watching Se7en at home. 

Day 156


Takanobu.  Eddie’s Attic.  Fantastic.

Will and I went to see Takanobu tonight, and it was amazing.  Their music, and his voice, get me every time.  I get so swept up emotionally, and I love every moment. 

My only complaint…I wish the show was much longer. 

Day 155


Long day at work, followed by an evening of errands.  Luckily, it ended with a belly full of chicken wings and ice cream.

Side note: Apparently all our friends think we make a cute couple.  Kinda neat, and I gotta say…he’s pretty darn sweet.  :)  I guess I’ll keep him.

Day 154


Cheating again today, but it’s my story to cheat on.  :)

I had to work a double today, but I made some great money.  Although…now I’m very tired.  Hence the lack of photos today.

Guess I’ll try again tomorrow.  Night.

Day 153


Mmm…yummy Thai food.  Will and I went to Kokai Thai Bistro for lunch today, and it was delicious.

Day 152


Today has been a rather relaxing day, which I am very grateful for.  I was able to catch up on my sleep, have lunch with friends, and have a good day at work.

Tomorrow, I have a doctors appointment, and then nothing until class at 6.  So as long as the appointment goes ok, tomorrow should be good too.

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