Year 2/Day 62


Two big things to talk about today.

First, clinical went really well yesterday but I-am-beat.  I didn’t realize how much a 12 hour shift would take out of me.  What really bothered me was the fact that it was dark when I went in and dark when I was headed home.  Blah.  Other than that though, it was great!  My nurse was covering triage, which I think was a great first day experience.  Also, I never knew L&D had it’s own triage.  Haha

Second, I’ve had to make drastic changes to my schedule.  This semester is taking a lot of my time and I just can’t work as much as I have been.  So now I’m only working 3 days a week, or 5 shifts.  Sucks money wise, but if I don’t pass this semester it doesn’t matter.

Year 2/Day 34


Today was full of good news!

First we found out that we got approved for the house we applied to.  Yay!  No more worrying about finding a place…just moving… ;)

Then, I found out that my preceptorship will be in Labor & Delivery.  Not my first choice, but I’m actually really excited about it.  I’m looking forward to learning and experiencing new things.

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