Year 2/Day 149


Today I headed up to the hospital to see Will’s dad.  After a little while we ended up talking to a social worker and an incompetent case manager.  We got another list of facilities to look at and decided to go to lunch before we went and looked at them.

Well…a “quick lunch” turned into hours.  Plus, shopping.  Needless to say, we didn’t have time to look at places today.

Year 2/ Day 53


Since Wednesday my allergies have been horrible.  I feel gross and yucky.  It was so bad Thursday morning when I woke up that I went to the Dr and she confirmed it was allergies.  Yay…

So I’ve been taking all kinds of allergy meds and using up boxes of tissues.  How fun.  Just add that to my already complicated and busy life.  ;)

Year 2/Day 40


Today I did it.  I committed to joining the gym.  Blah.

I gotta do this thing and get back on track.  I have so much stress going on now, I need to watch my health.

First step – check!

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