Year 2/Day 172

Year 2 - Day 172

This awesome comic started doing medical related strips and I love them! :)

Year 2/Day 171

Year 2 - Day 171

Mmm…pasta.  How I love you so.  :)  Will and I went to Carrabba’s tonight for dinner and everything was delicious.  We don’t eat pasta very often, but I love it when we do!

Year 2/Day 170

Year 2 - Day 170

I’m a month behind again…but I wanted to go ahead and try to catch up.  I’ve been taking a picture almost every day…just not posting.

So here’s to updating.

This was taken at the hotel in South Carolina during breakfast one morning…can’t remember much else though.

Year 2/Day 169


Someone left me this note at work the other day.  ♡♡  It really makes my day when people do this.  I mean, good tips are appreciated as well ;) but notes are always unexpected and make me smile. 

Year 2/Day 168


Well, it’s happened.  We have unleashed the gaming gods.  We now have a Nintendo 3ds and a wiiU.  But it’s so fun!! :)

Gotta go, my game is calling…

Year 2/Day 167



Year 2/Day 166


Brr…it’s freezing today.

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