Year 2/Day 169


Someone left me this note at work the other day.  ♡♡  It really makes my day when people do this.  I mean, good tips are appreciated as well ;) but notes are always unexpected and make me smile. 

Year 2/Day 168


Well, it’s happened.  We have unleashed the gaming gods.  We now have a Nintendo 3ds and a wiiU.  But it’s so fun!! :)

Gotta go, my game is calling…

Year 2/Day 167



Year 2/Day 166


Brr…it’s freezing today.

Let your dreams set sail…


I got a new journal today. :)

It’s been a long time since I’ve purchased a journal.  Years ago, I used to buy them ALL the time…but hardly used them.  So I told myself to quit buying them and I even got rid of most of the empty ones.

The past few days I’ve been thinking of “creative projects” and decided today that I needed a place to jot down my thoughts. 

Journal aquired.

Gotta go unleash some thoughts now…♡

Year 2/Day 165


I got tons of puppy love today and it was awesome! 

We meet at a friends house before going out to lunch, and they were pet sitting 3 adorable dogs.  One of this was this teeny, tiny 8 week old chihuahua puppy.  There was also a dauschund and another mutt teenager puppy.  Plus their own two dogs.

It was dog playtime for real!


I’m so close to finishing nursing school…but I often feel like I don’t want to finish.  Why?

I feel like a creative spirit…yet I don’t feel like I create enough.  Why?

I want to eat healthier and get into better shape…but I don’t put in the time or effort.  Why?

I’d like to join a dance class of some sort…yet I’m too scared to commit.  Why?

I want kids…but am I any where near having them?

Am I happy?  I’m not unhappy…but I feel…what?

Thoughts have been running through my head nonstop lately, but I don’t know what to do with them.

As I lay down to sleep tonight…I’m wide awake.  Anyone who knows me, knows this is very strange.  All I normally have to do is lay down and less than 5 minutes later I’m asleep.

Not tonight.  Tonight I ask why.  Why do I feel this way?  What can I do to answer these questions?  Is there anything I can do to answer these questions?

Do I get up and go do something?  Be “productive”? 

It’s 5 am…maybe I’ll try to sleep again and let my dreams sort this shit out.

Year 2/Day 164

Year 2 - Day 164

I wish Starbucks delivered…
guess this will have to do.

Year 2/Day 163

Year 2 - Day 163

I’m stuck.

Stuck in an unmotivated rut.

Days have passed…and nothing has been accomplished…

It’s nice that there are no emergencies or major stressful events at the moment, but why am I wasting my days doing nothing? There are clearly things that I need to do, even things that I want to do, but instead I lie around wasting time doing…nothing.

And the worst part is, I know I’m doing this…and don’t change.

Year 2/Day 162

Year 2 - Day 162

Forgot to take a picture today.  So here’s a picture of part of the poetry section at Moe’s in Berkeley, CA.  We didn’t have much time to browse…but it was a truly beautiful site and I hope to get back there one day.

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