Year 2/Day 170

Year 2 - Day 170

I’m a month behind again…but I wanted to go ahead and try to catch up.  I’ve been taking a picture almost every day…just not posting.

So here’s to updating.

This was taken at the hotel in South Carolina during breakfast one morning…can’t remember much else though.

Year 2/Day 164

Year 2 - Day 164

I wish Starbucks delivered…
guess this will have to do.

Year 2/Day 85

Year 2 - Day 85

Tea and coffee,
Coffee and tea.

That’s the life,
The life for me.

Giulia Bernardelli


Giulia Bernardelli is an Italian artist who doesn’t worry if her drink spills.  She makes wonderful little artworks from coffee, tea, and the like.

Her work is really amazing.  Check her out on Instagram (@bernulia)


Here’s a few of my favorites.



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