Let your dreams set sail…


I got a new journal today. :)

It’s been a long time since I’ve purchased a journal.  Years ago, I used to buy them ALL the time…but hardly used them.  So I told myself to quit buying them and I even got rid of most of the empty ones.

The past few days I’ve been thinking of “creative projects” and decided today that I needed a place to jot down my thoughts. 

Journal aquired.

Gotta go unleash some thoughts now…♡

Day 29

Day 29

Today was an interesting day.  It started out rather slow (typical of the past few weeks).  I was searching around WordPress, and stumbled upon a fantastic post http://yourinnerart.wordpress.com/2014/07/09/why-you-might-think-youre-not-creative/.  I connected with this post in so many ways, and it inspired me to truly love my creative self.  I’ve always had trouble believing that I’m a creative individual.  Sure, I have my moments, but overall I doubt myself.  Until recently that is.

Lately, I’ve been loving my creativity and trying to express it with both my photography and this blog.  I’m realizing that it’s more important to enjoy the process of creating than the stress of creating something “amazing”.  I may not be Kandinsky or Rilke, but I AM a creative individual.

I am Brandi, and I love to create.  If you don’t like what I create, that’s fine.  Everyone has different likes/dislikes, and I can never make everyone happy.  That has been a very hard thing for me to realize, but understanding this is helping me grow as a creative spirit.  Connecting with people that do enjoy my work, inspires me even more.  These people push me and motivate me to continue doing what I love.  To those people, Thank You!

My hope for the many days to follow, is that I remember these moments of  clarity.  That I don’t ever underestimate the power of letting go…being free to express whatever emotions overcome me…ignoring that stupid voice in the back of my head that doubts my creativity.  I hope that I always consider myself a creative individual.  One who is not afraid of what other people think, and instead creates for herself.

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