Year 2/Day 181

Year 2 - Day 181

A friend wasn’t feeling well today so I surprised her at work with some yummy donuts.  :)

I love when I am able to do something for someone else.  I wish I had more money, just so I could make it my job to surprise people with gifts and fun things.

Year 2/Day 180

Year 2 - Day 180

Mmmm…meatballs are cookin in the crockpot!

…but I have no one to share them with… :(

Year 2/Day 171

Year 2 - Day 171

Mmm…pasta.  How I love you so.  :)  Will and I went to Carrabba’s tonight for dinner and everything was delicious.  We don’t eat pasta very often, but I love it when we do!

Year 2/Day 153


We had a wonderful dinner at this little italian place tonight.  It was amazing!

Afterwards, we checked in at our new hotel and got some late night drinks at the bar.

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