Year 2/Day 194

Year 2 - Day 194

Spent a little time outside in the cold taking photos of flowers.  Didn’t stay too long though…cause it was cold! :)

Year 2/Day 193

Year 2 - Day 193

Meal plan, week 2

Still going strong!

Year 2/Day 192

Year 2 - Day 192

Today was awesome.  My favorite poet, Anis Mojgani, hosted an Open Studio at Serenbe.  He had been nominated to attend a month long artist residency at Serenbe and today he opened up his studio to folks to come check out what he’s been working on.  It was a like a little sneak peak into his creative mind.  Simply. Amazing.  We talked with him for a little bit and purchased another copy of his new book.  He was kind enough to sign it and take a picture with me.  :)

What an amazing experience.  He is so down to earth, yet magical and inspiring.  He also mentioned that he was hoping to do a reading towards the end of February…which I will do whatever I can to make sure we attend!

Anis's studio

Anis's studio

Year 2/Day 191

Chopped locks

Uh oh…what have I done?

About once a year I finally get to the salon and get my hair trimmed and colored.  This time I decided to get a lot chopped off.  I hadn’t been taking care of my hair like I should, especially since it was so long.  I guess now it should be a lot easier to manage! ;)

Year 2 - Day 191


Year 2/Day 190

Year 2 - Day 190

Today was my first day back at the gym after a long time away.  Life (excuses) have gotten in the way but I’m back and recommitting myself to getting healthier.  I met with my amazing and wonderful trainer and we reestablished my baseline as well as talked about my nutrition and fitness routines.  Eating healthy is the easy part for me.  I actually love most “healthy” food and I enjoy cooking.

But exercising…I dread.  We even have a treadmill at home…but do I use it?  Let me go ahead and answer that one for you.  No.  Do I know that I should?  Yes.  Does that seem to matter?  Unfortunately not.  So my new goal is to try and focus more on the exercise aspect.  Start slow and build up.  Fingers crossed!

Oh, and I made this amazing dish for dinner tonight.  No recipe.  Just picked up some delicious looking veggies from Aldi, sauteed them up in the wok I also purchased from Aldi, added some chicken and feta and enjoyed the crap out of it!  Mmmm…(drool)

Year 2/Day 189

Year 2 - Day 189

Homework and healthy choices.

Year 2/Day 188

Year 2 - Day 188

Well, one thing I didn’t think about was the amount of dishes that weekly prepping creates…I’m talking about ALL the dishes are dirty!  Luckily I don’t mind washing dishes (normally).  Also, I’m feeling very grateful for this wonderfully open kitchen we have.  It makes everything much easier.

Guess I better buy some more soap!

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