Day 40

Day 40

Another bug picture.

I feel like I’m beginning to get in a photo rut, and I need to find a way out.  Quick.  I don’t think my photos have been bad lately…I just don’t feel like I’ve been getting a lot of variety.

I really want to grow as a photographer during this project, and I think I’m at one of those points where I need to push myself and stretch a little.  Unfortunately though, I’m one busy girl right now.  I’m currently looking for a job, enrolled in nursing school, and trying to learn how to be a better photographer.

The whole unemployed part of that scenario really limits the amount of money I can put towards this new hobby.  I’m trying to find places I can go that are cheap to free, and as much as I would love a “real” camera, I’m alright using my phone…for now.

I suppose the best thing to do now is take a few minutes everyday to read up on a new technique, or find some inspiring photos or articles.  Just stay motivated Brandi!  You got this.  :)

Day 39

Day 39

After the long day yesterday, I only managed to sleep for 2 hours today.  On top of that, I decided to walk 3.5 miles today…cause…ya know…exercise and all.

Today’s photo journey was another trip around the yard.  Luckily, there always seems to be neat things to photograph outside, but the mosquitoes are killer.  It has been rainy the last few days, so there were lots of water droplets on everything and too many mosquitoes in the air.  :)

Today’s picture was actually the last thing I shot.  I managed to get a few other good shots as well, but I really liked the contrast on this one.  The veins on leaves, especially dead leaves, always seem to catch my eye.  This one almost has a burnt quality to it as well, that I find very intriguing.

Day 38

Day 38

Looooooong day.

It started off rather unproductive, because I didn’t wake up until around 12:30.  I just kinda hung around the house for a while and finally decided I should do “something” with myself.  So, I got myself ready and went for a 3 mile walk.

I’m trying to get back into better shape by eating better and exercising.  Slow start, but at least I’m doing something.  My roommate and I found this really nice trail that is shady and peaceful, which makes walking not too unpleasant.  After that I showered and got ready to go to a Going Away party for a friend.

The party was pretty fun.  A little on the slow side from time to time, but I met a few nice, new people, so I guess it was worth it.  :)  That’s the best part for me, about going to parties.  Well, that and opportunities to play new (or old) board games.  Hmm…games…I love board games!

After the party, Will and I stopped at Denny’s for some coffee and chatted for a while.  Then, headed home.  By this time, I wasn’t tired (although I should of been) and decided to stay up and watch the sunrise.  It’s been forever since I’ve watched the sun actually rise.

Fun, right?

You’d think so…but eh.  This morning has been a lovely, overcast, gray kinda morning.  Not what I was hoping for.  Poo.

So on that note, I bid you all goodnight and hope for a brighter afternoon.

Day 37

Day 37

I was beginning to wonder if the bumble bees were out this year.  So far, all we’ve seen are wasps and hornets.  To answer my curiosity – yes, they are.

I was in the yard taking pictures today, and noticed these pretty purple flowers.  There was a large, beautiful butterfly that I was trying to capture, but he seemed to be camera shy.  I noticed a few smaller moths, and tried to capture them instead, but they were shy as well.  That’s when I noticed this guy.  Large and in charge.  He was NOT afraid of the camera.  Quite the opposite in fact, I was afraid of him.  :)

Situations like today make me really wish for a nice digital camera with a macro lens.  Sure, I get pretty good shots with my phone…but what could I get with a awesome, actual camera?!  Soon enough I suppose.  Just be patient Brandi, right?  I know I should just be grateful for what I have, because there are a lot of people out there who have much less than me.

So, on that note, I’m a happy girl and I can’t wait to see what other great pictures I can capture in the days to come.

Day 36

Day 36

So, my story today has nothing to do with my photo of the day.

Today, or should I say this evening, has been one of those days where I ended up getting lost in the internet.  Have you ever had one of those days?  You know, your simply checking your timeline on Facebook, and wind up clicking on a video link.  You notice an interesting looking link on the right side of the page, and click to see what that’s about.  Next thing you know, you’ve been watching videos for hours, and have found 2 new bands that you now love.  :)

That’s kinda what happened to me.  Tonight, I have been exposed to Lindsey Sterling and Pentatonix.  WOW!  First of all, what amazing musicians!  Secondly, what amazingly different styles of music they are.

Lindsey Sterling ( is a classically trained violinist, who plays with electronic sounds and dances with reckless abandonment.  She is fan-tas-tic.  I will absolutely be getting some of her music as soon as possible.

Pentatonix ( is a group of out-of-this-world vocal musicians, who harmonize without using instruments, only their voices.  Double wow.  These guys are crazy good, and again, I want their stuff ASAP.  :)

After doing some basic research on these two artists, I came to realize that they both got their start on TV talent shows.  Who knew!?  Lindsey Sterling was on America’s Got Talent, and Pentatonix won The Sing-Off.  Lucky me, today I was introduced to them, and can now enjoy the music that they create.  :)

There may be a lot of crap (for lack of a better word) on the internet nowadays, but it’s days like today that I can really appreciate the good ole World Wide Web.  Social media may be crippling our youth from actual social interactions, but with it, we can also share things of great inspiration and beauty.  We can expose people to music/art/ideas that they possibly never would have witnessed without the internet.  For that, I am grateful for technology and the connections that can be made.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share MY love of photography to “strangers”.  Although, even with that, I beginning to make new friends and share memories.


Day 35

Day 35

Today was pretty quiet.  I had an interview today, so my morning was filled with getting ready for that.  After lunch, I enjoyed a nice afternoon nap.

This picture was thanks to Kroger.  :)  Ah, grocery store pictures.  I really like the colors of this one.

Not much to say today.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be more creative.

Day 34

Day 34

Like looking into a crystal ball, this sunflower has a lot of secrets to tell.  Unlike fortune telling…I have to wait to see it’s future.  My roommate has planted some gigantic sunflowers in the yard, and I love checking in to see how much it’s grown.  So far, it’s taller than me and still growing.  I can’t wait to take more pictures of it, as the flower starts to bloom.

I really love the textures of the leaves.  It looks prickly…but it’s actually quite soft.  Very interesting plant.

And look!…Larry’s back!  :)

Day 33

Day 33

Today’s picture is more of a snapshot of a typical Monday night, rather than an artistic photo.  For the past month or so, I have been going to Eddie’s Attic in Decatur for open mic night.  I absolutely love this place!  The tickets are cheap, the atmosphere is cozy, and the music is great (mostly).

It’s exciting to see new artists trying to “make it”, and becoming a part of their journey.  It’s also a great opportunity to pick up some new music that would be hard to find otherwise.  Tonight, Small Houses ( was the winner, and he totally deserved it.  Great guy, great music.

Day 32

Day 32

Today was a fun day.

The past few days have been photos of opportunity and I haven’t really spent much time trying to get good shots.  So today, I decided to look for a neat place to go shoot.  Of the many choices in and around Atlanta, I decided on Centennial Olympic Park.  Dragging Will along for some company, we headed downtown.

I love going into the city.  There’s something about all the rusty, broken down, brick buildings contrasting against the gigantic, glass windowed, skyscrapers that fascinates me.  I could spend hours, upon hours wandering the streets of downtown.  There are so many photos waiting to be taken, and there is inspiration around every corner.  Of course, with every good thing there is a bad thing, right?  That bad thing in this situation would be parking…and traffic…but mostly parking.  :)

Luckily, after circling the park only once, we found a lot that didn’t charge too much.  I was actually quite surprised with how crowed the park was…until I found out today was the final for the World Cup.  Walking around, I was not too inspired.  Maybe it was all the people, or the heat, but either way I wasn’t getting the shots I’d hoped for.

We decided to go check out the Ferris wheel we had walked by on the way into the park.  Great idea.  It was both scary and exciting, and I got a bunch of great pictures.  It’s always interesting seeing something from a new perspective.  I noticed a bunch of intriguing looking areas that I want to check out, and daydreamed about staying on the top floor of an expensive hotel.  It was a very cool experience.  I’m excited to go up again at nighttime, and see the city lights glowing against the dark night sky.

Day 31

Day 31

This was the view I saw after a 3 mile walk today.  I decided to walk Leeloo (older husky) and followed the trail Niki has been taking recently.  It’s quite a nice walk, with plenty of trees and walkways.  I was lucky this time too.  When I got back to the car, I got the joy of seeing a train go by.

I LOVE trains.  :)

I can’t help it.  I know I may sound like a 9 year old boy, but I do.  I love trains.  I will patiently wait for them in traffic…holler “Train!” whenever I hear one…and always watch them as they roll on by.  When I turned around to head back to the car and go home, I saw this view and snapped a few pictures.  I figured if I didn’t get a good picture of the train, this would definitely work.

I’m actually pretty pleased with this shot.  Normally, I think sky pictures are rather generic and ho-hum.  This one really catches my eye, though.  I love how the trees are blacked out and sort of frame the large puffy cloud.  Of course, the sun rays are a nice added bonus.  :)

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