Shake The Dust

Today was a great day!

Work was good (minus the almost unbearable heat) and I made lots ‘o money.


After work, I headed to a place near Grant Park called Grocery on Home.  It’s a cute, small, music venue where I was about to see my favorite spoken word poet, Anis Mojgani. 

Wow.  It was a little surreal to see him perform.  I’ve seen so many of his videos, but this was live!  In person!  I actually spoke with him after the show, bought a book (that I apparently already had), and he signed the book.  :) 



Mieka Pauley, a musican, also played tonight and she was great too.  I bought a copy of her cd as well, and I can’t wait to learn more about her stuff. 

Here’s a link to an interview with Matt Arnett, owner of Grocery on Home.

And if you haven’t seen or read any of Anis Mojgani’s work, please check him out.  I promise you’ll love him!

Day 32

Day 32

Today was a fun day.

The past few days have been photos of opportunity and I haven’t really spent much time trying to get good shots.  So today, I decided to look for a neat place to go shoot.  Of the many choices in and around Atlanta, I decided on Centennial Olympic Park.  Dragging Will along for some company, we headed downtown.

I love going into the city.  There’s something about all the rusty, broken down, brick buildings contrasting against the gigantic, glass windowed, skyscrapers that fascinates me.  I could spend hours, upon hours wandering the streets of downtown.  There are so many photos waiting to be taken, and there is inspiration around every corner.  Of course, with every good thing there is a bad thing, right?  That bad thing in this situation would be parking…and traffic…but mostly parking.  :)

Luckily, after circling the park only once, we found a lot that didn’t charge too much.  I was actually quite surprised with how crowed the park was…until I found out today was the final for the World Cup.  Walking around, I was not too inspired.  Maybe it was all the people, or the heat, but either way I wasn’t getting the shots I’d hoped for.

We decided to go check out the Ferris wheel we had walked by on the way into the park.  Great idea.  It was both scary and exciting, and I got a bunch of great pictures.  It’s always interesting seeing something from a new perspective.  I noticed a bunch of intriguing looking areas that I want to check out, and daydreamed about staying on the top floor of an expensive hotel.  It was a very cool experience.  I’m excited to go up again at nighttime, and see the city lights glowing against the dark night sky.

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