Year 2/Day 195

Year 2 - Day 195

One thing I love about cooking with fresh fruits and veggies is how colorful everything is.  It’s hard to stop taking pictures so I can actually cook the stuff.

Year 2/Day 193

Year 2 - Day 193

Meal plan, week 2

Still going strong!

Year 2/Day 189

Year 2 - Day 189

Homework and healthy choices.

Year 2/Day 187

Year 2 - Day 187
(Caprese Jar)

Meals are prepped!  This was a ton of fun, and now I have a fridge full of yummy goodness!
Can’t wait to eat everything!  haha :)

Apple Pie Oat Muffins
(Apple Pie Oat Muffins)

(Grapes, Veggie Packs, and Hummus)

Year 2/Day 93

Year 2 - Day 93

Yummy!  I love cooking!

(and I really don’t mind eating healthy…most of the time)

Year 2/Day 72

Year 2/Day 72

Mmmm…boy was this yummy!  Debra and I went shopping for washer/dryers today and afterward we stopped at The Vortex in Little 5.  This delicious little number was their Mac ‘N’ Cheesy-Changa.  Food was great, drinks were great.  Good times!

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