Day 27

Day 27

Gonna just go ahead a say it…I kinda phoned in today’s picture.  I was getting ready to leave school tonight (around 8:00 pm) and realized I hadn’t taken a picture today.  Crap!  If it gets dark, my options get really diminished because I’m not working with a flash right now.  I started wandering the halls again, and ran into a bulletin board framed in these patches.  Ta-Da!  :) Done!

Some other random thoughts of the day:

I’m really enjoying this creative side of me.  I used to be really opposed to digital photography,  (“Film or nothing!”) but I gotta give it credit now.  I’m able to take HUNDREDS of pictures a day if I wish vs. worrying about the cost of developing my film.

Down side to all this…organization.  Seriously.  I’ve spent hours, and I mean HOURS, trying to figure out the best way to organize all the photos I’ve been taking.  Add to that the constant updates to Facebook, Flickr, and now my blog.

I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining.  I don’t mean to.  It’s just…time consuming.  Some of it I really enjoy, while some of it is just work.  I’m really enjoying the creative side of digitally altering my photos.  I’ve created some really dramatic, off the wall pictures, and I love it!  :)

Thanks again for joining me in this journey.  I started this blog for myself, but I’m really enjoying the fact that others like it too!  :)

So thank you.

Day 10

Day 10

Today was really fun.  Niki and I decided to check the walking trails at a park near the house, and see if they are dog friendly.  I was able to get some really good/interesting shots.  There was also a pretty large baseball field area, and while walking around we stumbled upon this forgotten ball.  I love how dirty it is.  Like it wants to tell a story.

Maybe it was a game ball that got knocked out of the park…

Or some kids were playing and it rolled down the hill, unnoticed…

Either way, I found it that day and took its picture.  It was arranged perfectly under a tree, in a pile of mulch.  Just sitting there…waiting.

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