Year 2/Day 156

Year 2 - Day 156

We took a road trip to Berkeley, CA today.  Just the two of us.  I found a list of “fun things to do” around the area online and found that near the Berkeley campus was a neat hippie shopping district.  Aside from the crappy, grey weather it was awesome.  We found out that they not only had another Rasputin store but also Amoeba Music.  Talk about trying to restrain ourselves from spending hours there and tons of money today!  :)

We also found a really cute metaphysical shop and I got a beautiful piece of labradorite.  Plus the clerk was really cute and nice to talk to.

Got hungry…and stopped for a yummy slice of pizza from Fat Slice.  We also got some ridiculous chili cheese fries before we headed home.

It was a great day.

Year 2/Day 155

Year 2 - Day 155

One “fun” thing Will and I have done while we’re out here is music collecting.  There is this amazing store called Rasputin which sells new and used CDs.  I have such a varied taste in music and I’m always willing to try out new music.  Well…jackpot!

They have tons, I mean tons, of cheap CDs.  Most of which I’ve never heard of, but what I did was go through them and pull out ones that looked interesting.  Then, once I had a stack of interestings I’d look them up on YouTube and sample a song or two.  If I liked it – I bought it!  How fun!

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