Day 47

Day 47

Today, I received some good news.  I had my interview at JCP portrait studio, and the manager would like to see me for a second interview.  Yay.  Then, I received an email from Sprouts offering me a job.  Double yay.  I wish I could be more happy about all that.  Instead, I spent the afternoon at Oakland Cemetery.  Which sounds a little odd, but I’m comfortable there.  It’s a beautiful place to walk around, or just sit under a shade tree.

Even though I’m glad that I’ll soon be working again, I’m still down.  My brain is on overload thinking, and thinking.  I’m hoping that by having a week alone, I’ll be able to sort out these thoughts and get my head straight.  Hoping that I don’t just get more lonely, sad, and depressed.  Hoping that I begin to get my life in order now that I’ll soon be working.  Hoping that I’ll understand what I want, and go after it.

Hoping.  For clarity.

I’m sick of thinking I understand my situation, and then the next day wondering if I made the right decision.  I’m sick of the back and forth.

It’s confusing.

And irritating.

And complicated.

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