Day 15

Day 15

This is Larry.  I met him after a rain shower today.  My photo journey started with me sitting on my car, taking pictures of the branch that hangs down over my trunk.  I was playing around with the macro lens, trying to figure it out, when it started to sprinkle.  Oooh…maybe I can get some good droplet shots.  Nope.  Not today.  I headed inside, myself covered in water droplets, without a good photo and hoped to get something later.

After a few hours, I headed back outside to see if I could find something interesting.  I went around looking at the different branches, trying to find an image, and ended up at the bush around the mailbox.  I was getting some fun droplet shots when I noticed him.  He was a little hesitant in his steps due to all the water (I’m assuming of course), but he didn’t run away at the sight of my camera.  Lucky for me!  He seems to be saying “Hello” in this picture, and it just makes me smile.  It’s his eyes…so cute.

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  1. Heather
    Jul 06, 2014 @ 23:01:48

    You do have a thing for bugs don’t you!!! Larry is very cute : ) And did I say, btw, that I love your Blog!! And the name of it is awesome too : )


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