It’s “been said” that it takes a month or so to create a new habit, and through my 365 day project I had hoped to instill creativity into my everyday existence.

And I did, for that year.  After the 365 day mark passed I had a continued desire to keep “doing”, but it only took a few weeks for that to subside.  I became consumed with the everyday mundane.  Lazy, busy, stressed, forgetful, whatever word you want to choose.

Sure, there were days where I thought to myself, “You need a new project Brandi!”
And I’d answer, “Yeah, but what?!”

This question has been heavy on my mind for the last few days.  Searching the Internet for answers…I found none.  There were plenty of neat ideas, but not what I was looking for.  I knew the search would be easier if I knew what it was I was looking for…but I didn’t.

Until today.

A new, year long project starts August 1st, 2015.  I’m calling it, 365 Days of Inspiration.

Everyday I will find something that inspires me.  A poem, a song, artwork, nature, a person, anything goes.  I found through my last project that hard rules limit my creative spirit. 

I want a framework, but no boundaries.  I want to see how far my inspiration can go, and hopefully inspire some other people along the way. 

Join me will you?  It’s going to be interesting, quirky, and most of all inspiring!! :)

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