February 17, 2018

Hi. My name is Brandi.
Starting today I’ve decided to begin a new journey.

My exploration of yoga.

From routines to research, inspirational people to technical jargon. I want to gain a greater understanding of myself, my body, my journey.

Ideally, my goal is to post something EVERY day. More if I’m so inspired. I’ve found I push myself and grow when I create large, daily projects. So here’s my next project.

There’s something very vulnerable about this project which scares me…and that’s exactly the reason I’m pushing myself to do it.

There will (hopefully) be…

Blunt moments of honesty.
Raw moments of insecurities.
Visual moments of strength.
Gleeful moments of success.

And if I’m lucky, quiet moments of realizations and growth.

Join me if you’d like.
I’ll be here either way.
Every day.

#divingwithin #timetogrow #yoga #strength #inspiration #dailychallenge #imscared #butready

Got something to say? Let me know!

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