Day 300


Well.  Today’s was a day of many highs and lows (and no photo taken).

It started with a degree of confidence that my studying was putting me in a good place for the exam tonight.  This was followed by panic as I realized I wouldn’t have enough time to finish studying like I wanted, before it was time to leave.

Next was a feeling of indefference as I waited to take the exam.  At this point I either know it, or I don’t. 

Then, the exam…damn. 

Ok, so now I’m falling into a pit of self doubt and worry.  Fingers crossed I just don’t fail.  After i got home, Will and I went out to dinner.   Mostly because I needed a few drinks.

During this time, I’m talking with others from my class about how difficult that test was, and we’re all basically crying/complaining.  It sucks, but the beers are helping.

Fast forward a few hours and grades are posted.  I passed!!  We all passed!  Not a great grade, but passing.

Exhausting day, time for bed.

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