Day 262


Well, Savannah welcomed us with with a rainy hello.  Sadly, I didn’t get the photos I’d hoped for, but we still had a wonderful time. 

Our first stop was Bonaventure Cemetary, and what a beautiful place it was.


After that we headed into the historic district for a trolley ride and a mini history lesson.  We had a nice tour guide who told us all about the area, and we ended the tour on River Street.

After a nice stroll, some delicious lunch, and a few unnecessary purchases, we headed back to our car and made our way home.

The thing I learned from this trip is that sometimes it don’t turn out as you had planned.  But, it’s what you make out of it that counts. 

I was lucky enough to have some company this trip, so I refocused my attention to him and the environment instead of my camera.  :)  I don’t think he minded.

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