Day 220


I missed posting yesterday, but the sunset was so beautiful.

Day 219


Work, dinner out with friends, homework.


I actually get to sleep in tomorrow, and I’m looking so forward to it!

Day 218


Busy…so busy.

I’ve found that being organized is harder do than originally thought…

Day 217


Well, have you ever had an idea in your head that just doesn’t turn out near as neat as you thought it would?

That’s exactly what happened tonight.

Instead of being discouraged that I don’t “like” my photo, I’m going to embrace the fact that I had an idea and tried to create it.  Yeah, it didn’t work…but that’s ok. 

I’d love to have more time to really explore photography, and learn how to capture better photos…but my main focus is school.  And that is simply kicking my butt hardcover right now.

So, I’ll do what I can, and be happy.  Afterall, this is for me to have fun and grow…not add stress. :)

Day 216



Day 215


Abstract self portrait.

I was walking to my car today, on the way to work, and noticed some sort of oil running down the parking lot.

It looked really neat, and I thought to myself, “Hey! My pic of the day!”.  As I was trying to get a close-up of the oily reflections, I caught my shadow…and liked it.  :) 

It’s a nice change of pace to find my picture like I used to, instead of forcing one at the end of the day.

Day 214


I’ve been so wrapped up with school, that I’ve not been able to spend any time with my photography.  So, my pics have been very uninspired.  :(

Although, today’s pic is a close-up of a painting I did many years ago.  When I painted it, I really loved it.  The colors and brush strokes pulled me in.  I knew it wasn’t “great”, but I liked it.

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