Day 227


Today work killed me.  Wow…we were busy.

Unfortunatley, every muscle hurts now…and I have doubles the next two days.

Day 226


Worked a double today…tired.

I have another full weekend ahead of me too.  No rest for this girl.

Ah well, sleep is for the weak. ;)

Day 225


I got 12 (yes 12!!!) hours sleep last night.  After I finally woke up out of zombie mode, I felt so much better.

Now, the trick is to maintain an appropriate amount of sleep every night so I don’t revert back to utter exhaustion.

It’s amazing just how much time/energy school is occupying this semester.  I am so grateful for Cue, and the flexibility it offers.  I don’t think I could do this with a standard 9-5.

I’m hoping that during spring break I can spend some time getting “good” pics again.  I’ve been doing the best I can with what little free time I have, but I want some better pics soon.  :)

Day 224


Rum and sleep tonight.

Day 223


This is my life.  Meds, homework, exams, books, more books, reading, more reading, sleep, wait…what’s that?

I have my first clinical tomorrow…better try and get a few hours sleep in.

Day 222


Test tomorrow…no sleep tonight.

Day 221


Worked a double today…and again tomorrow…with all of my remaining “free time” occupied by studying.  Blah.

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