Day 116


Wow. . . What. A. Day.

Both bad, and good I must say.  This morning started off kind of sucky.  When I got to work, my car died.  Sure, at least I made it to work first, but now I have to deal with my car.  Not something I want to be doing now.

Next hurdle was work itself.  Second day shooting done…and boy did we have to work.  Lessons were learned today though, let me tell you what.

Interesting side note…my elbows hurt from shooting on the floor and leaning on them all day.  Weird, I know.  I would of never thought about that…

After the crazy work day was done, and I got a jump from mall security, Will and I met up with my grandma Pam and Dick.  I showed them around our new apartment, and we headed to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  I love that place.  I got many, many pictures today. That makes me very happy :)

After that, we got some yummy food at No Mas Cantina, and headed back home.  Tomorrow should be another busy day.  I’ve got to get my car fixed pronto.

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