Day 67

Day 67

Today’s picture is from inside of a car wash.  One that did not last long enough!  I did get a few good shots though.  I bet one could get some really interesting photos from within a car wash.  With the right amount of time, and the right equipment.

I also tried Indian food for the first time tonight.  Will and I went to his favorite restaurant (oops, should of paid attention to the name…).  It was pretty good.  Some very interesting flavors, I must say.  I would like to try it again, and see what some of the other dishes taste like.  Right now, I know I love Naan bread, but I knew that before tonight.  :)

I got the day off tomorrow…and then work 6+ days straight.  So, I gotta get a lot of stuff done tomorrow!

My posts have been rather short and straight forward lately.  Hmm…I’ll have to work on that, and maybe have a more interesting post soon.  Some kind of thought provoking insight into daily life maybe…

Got something to say? Let me know!

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