Day 63

Day 63

Well, today was…something.

I worked at Sprouts this morning, and headed home tired and sore.  I like that I have a physical job, but it hurts sometimes.  I’m in need of some new shoes for sure.

So, after work I relaxed a bit, and then decided to try and play with some bubbles to get today’s picture.  This is the best I got.  I like the concept, but I need more practice.  This shot isn’t the greatest.  Oh well, practice makes perfect.

After the mini photo shoot I decided to go out to dinner (Johnny Carino’s, Yum).  But…as we were leaving…my car wouldn’t start.

G r e a t . . .

Luckily, everything worked out ok and now it’s time for bed. :)

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  1. Your Inner Art
    Aug 14, 2014 @ 08:44:55

    I love the picture – painting bubbles is something I’m going to do soon.


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